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The Poisoned Pawn - A Remake of Tex Murphy: Overseer - by Chaotic Fusion.



Teaser Trailer (05/10/2016)

Help us make The Poisoned Pawn Better

We have created a survey which covers various topics on adventure games, full motion video (FMV), game technology, social issues in gaming and how all of the above fit into the world of Tex Murphy, and other similar adventure game titles.

A lot of the questions relate to Tesla Effect and the Tex Murphy series, as well as other recent FMV titles. But even if you have not played Tesla Effect, there are a lot of questions in this survey that still apply to you as a gamer, and we would greatly value all opinions! Our goal here is to learn from our experiences, understand the types of things previous games did right, or wrong, and hopefully apply this knowledge towards making this new game (The Poisoned Pawn) the best it can possibly be!

We felt this was a really important step for us to take in order to ensure we are approaching this games’ development from the right angle. As gamers first, fans second, and developers third: we see the value in being realistic with what we are passionate about, and so this survey lays quite a lot out on the table for a good open discussion. The time it takes to complete the survey depends on how detailed you are willing to be with your responses. The more detailed and honest your responses are, the more we can take into consideration when developing the game!

Thank you!

Adventure, FMV and Tex Murphy market research and survey

Latest Update May 2016

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The Poisoned Pawn is an ongoing, fan-made effort to remake Tex Murphy: Overseer.
Old fans will get to relive a spruced up retelling of the retelling of Tex’s first case.New fans will finally get to see that cliffhanger that kept as all wondering all of these years.

The client is drop-dead gorgeous.
Her father is just plain dead
—of an apparent suicide.
An open-and-shut case,
but Tex is willing to do anything to make rent.

Overseer was the fifth installment in these Tex Murphy series. Ending in a cliffhanger that wouldn't be resolveduntil Tesla Effect 16 years later.

Release date

Projected - Fall 2017